we're all about the cure

Cannaseurs know that what happens AFTER harvest is crucial when creating premium grade ganja.

 Sadly, most consumers have never experienced the genuine pleasure of smoking expertly cured cannabis; an art-form generally skipped due to increased production costs. Typically commercial growers use the term "cure" loosely, processing harvests quickly to get the fastest turnaround possible.   Problem is: ready to sell doesn't  = ready to smoke.

This is why, while most schedule takeoff shortly after harvest, we put our buds in a holding pattern.


We use the term "Pure Cured" for a reason.  


There are many ways to grow quality cannabis, but only one way to effectively cure it and it doesn't involve plastic totes or turkey bags.  It requires constant care of small batches in glass jars or other special containers. 

Most importantly, it requires patience.

Our prolonged curing protocol, although time-consuming and tedious, is ESSENTIAL.  

After a 7-10 day hang dry and hand trim, we start by putting our buds in stainless steel CVault containers with Boveda Humidipaks specifically designed for curing.  These containers are stored in a dark, climate-controlled room where they are periodically "burped" and closely monitored.  


This critical period allows bacteria to break down much of the remaining chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll, although vital for photosynthesis, contains the mineral magnesium (equally essential) which causes smoke to be harsh.

This is when the magic happens

We've found that slow curing SIGNIFICANTLY minimizes this effect.


   In the tradition of aging, seen in other industries like whiskey, wine and coffee, curing locks in aroma, flavor and potency. 



THE RESULT: the elevated taste, consistency and smokeability aficionados would expect from a premium product.  We are confident both seasoned cannaseurs and newly anointed enthusiasts will delight in the satisfaction of smoking our fully refined, carefully cured flower.




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